About Us

After deciding to give up the cigarettes after smoking for 20 plus years my friend and now business partner started vaping. After many failed attempts with other "systems" this actually WORKED! We both started very simply with starter set ups, but being the avid hobbiests we are we quickly stepped up our game and bought lots of new toys. While collecting mods our tastes for juice changed to craving premium level juices. We have home brewed beer for many years and have won a few homebrew competitons, we tend to take everything we do a bit overboard... Making our own juice was the only obvious thing to do. We ordered some DIY ingredients and the experiments began. Creating flavors and layering the tastes and textures became an obsession. As we learned we began having vapers at work try different blends with unexpected results. They wanted to buy them.. So was born Demonic Vapes, Offically LLCC'd on Halloween night!

We are committed to only putting out blends that we agree meet all the standards of a premium juice that we ourselves would like to buy. All of our ingredients are bought here in the United States. We order nothing from China or any other country for our juice. We hope you enjoy your experience with Demonic Vapes as it is our obsession to make the best possible E juice we can, while maintaining the best possible customer service. Feel free to contact us with any questions/concerns. Thanks for visiting Demonic Vapes!